Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Tale Of Cocktails: Experiments In Intoxication

Last night The Other Half and I put the finishing touches to the beta version of our first cocktail.  I say "ours", because after multiple online searches neither of us could find these ingredients combined in any other drink.  It's possible others here have also tried it, or know of something very similar: let me know in comments.

The drink is created as follows: shake 1oz of creme de cassis and 2oz of peach Schnapps with crushed ice. Pour into a champagne glass, straining out the ice, and top up with lemonade.  Add a single mint leaf, and drink.  It tastes a lot like a woo woo (hurrah!), though a little less tart due to the absence of cranberry juice.  A single mint leaf is actually a bit weak taste wise, so adding another one might be a good idea if necessary.  We call our cocktail, almost inevitably, the impeachmint.

I briefly thought about grading this drink like I have all the others, but there's just no way I could possibly be objective. If anyone fancies giving it a go and letting me know what they think, then by all means have at it.

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