Thursday, 30 June 2011

She Didn't Even Use Tongue!

Dammit!  Why did no-one tell me Slovenia was so promiscuous before I spent three weeks there as a dynamic, unattached mathematician! Number 3 on the list, for God's sake, and the only kiss I got out of it was from my host's two-year-old!

At least I'll be off to bonk-happy Austria next month, I guess, but I don't think The Other Half is going to accept "They're an extra 52% gagging for it!" as an excuse for philandering.

Not that the test seems that well-written, to be honest.   Is the number of times you fantasise about sex with people other than your partner really six times more indicative of promiscuity than how you feel about casual sex?

h/t to LGM.


BigHead said...

An even worse thing about that question is that the scale is between "never" and "always" with no indication of what number anything in the middle should be.

I guess that question does ensure that the results aren't lowered too much by people who are very single, since they'll score at least 24.

BigHead said...

Or even 32. I can do maths, really.