Monday, 6 June 2011

Auld Favorites

Well, that was a lovely anniversary weekend.  Auld Reekie continues to be my favourite city, at least out of those I haven't actually lived in.

I finally got around to visiting Camera Obscura at the top of the Royal Mile, and it's really pretty good. The various displays mostly range from interesting to genuinely fascinating, and the various Escher and Escher-esque pictures filling the walls are brilliant.  I spent some time trying to decide which one I thought was best, and eventually settled on this one, by Sandro del Prete (a self-described "kindred spirit" of Escher):

They do good mugs, too:

though they obviously pale in comparison to the one The Other Half gave to me as an anniversary present:

Awesome, right?

Oh, and if you ever plan on visiting Edinburgh, under no circumstances stay at the Travelodge on Rose Street unless you plan to go to sleep after half midnight (the time the pub next door stopped playing heavy rock - you know I'm getting old when that interrupts my sleeping pattern rather than providing an excuse to go rock out), and the combined body weight of yourself and anyone else you're bringing to share a bed with adds up to something rather less than a heavily pregnant squirrel.  Those beds are not designed to hold anything heavier.

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