Sunday, 19 June 2011

"The Kingsroad"

(With apologies to Tom Petty, and to anyone who hasn't watched the first nine episodes of Game of Thrones)

To the tune of "Kings Highway"

Just after Arryn died
The King came to pick him up
Wanting help for the sake
Of a dead woman's love

And so he rode due south
Into those fields of green
Hoping there was some way
To beat the Lannisters' schemes

Oh, Lord Stark must rue the day
Arya asked Micah to play
As they rode down the Kingsroad, hey

And he can’t fit in
In this Southron town
He wants to hold his Gods up
But their trees were chopped down

He didn’t want to end up
Spending time on the Throne
You see so much bloodshed
But you'll never see snow

Oh, Ned Stark must rue the day
Lady died, Nym ran away
As they rode down the Kingsroad, hey

Oh, we all must rue the day
Stark's neck met with Stark's blade
At the end of the Kingsroad, hey

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