Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Tale Of Cocktails #32

2 oz white rum
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 tsp sugar syrup
Taste: 8
Look: 6          
Cost: 9       
Name: 9
Prep: 6
Alcohol: 4
Overall: 7.3

Preparation: Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain and serve.
General Comments: Making sugar syrup is almost as much of a pain as juicing limes. It's a good job that this is so clearly worth it, then. It's a bit plain looking, but if you're going to go with something plain, green is definitely the best choice. And it tastes absolutely wonderful, sweet and sour and, er, a third thing, that comes from the rum. Rummy, I guess.

Also, daiquiri is a great name. It's so commonly used that it might seem a bit boring, but just try saying it. "Daiquiri." Really put your back into it. "DAIQUIRI".

Point proven, I believe.

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