Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Mathematics Of Belonging

I always like to highlight cool stuff my friends have made when I can, and when they've made it for me (well, the Other Half, but now that we live together we can safely be considered a gestalt entity; which I guess makes me both balding and ginger) that impulse becomes all the stronger.

Here, then, is a housewarming present made for us by the talented craft-wizard (craft-witch? that sounds wrong) and blog-follower Michelle:

Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but I've done some number-crunching and have ascertained that the probability that your heart is in the location you have defined as "home" is indeed at least 87.36% percent, making this piece mathematically acceptable.  Sure, in my case, I might be inclined to suggest home is where the booze is, but I probably shouldn't be encouraged in such disgraceful thoughts. I'm supposed to be an adult now.

Anyway; cheers, Michelle! Who, by the way, talks about how she put together this and other wonders over at her blog, which is worth checking out.

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