Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hate To Have To Do It

Like Attaturk says, it's a bad day when you have to defend Pierce Morgan.

Obviously, I have a dog in this fight, because I desperately don't want Morgan's suet-carved face making an appearance back on our side of the Atlantic.  That said, there's something so fantastically deranged about a bunch of Americans screaming they love the Second Amendment so much they want to see legal consequences to the voicing of opinions (to prevent people feeling their speech is free, as it were) that it perfectly encapsulates the whole sorry mess the American Right has collapsed into.

And yes, I realise Morgan isn't covered by the Constitution, bein' all furrin and stuff. That still leaves these people begging us to believe that the Second Amendment is a central tenet of civilisation that both protects and glorifies America, and the First Amendment is a pesky technically best sidestepped whenever possible.

Gods, there are days when I have to bite back the vomit over these stew-brained loudmouths and their total lack of self-awareness or common decency.  Then they go over to America and get a taste of how it's done by the real pros, and I remember how lucky I am to live where I do.

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This rival petition is pretty amusing: