Thursday, 6 December 2012

"'Gainst The Dragons Of Anger, The Ogres Of Greed..."

Once again SpaceSquid serves up a delicious dish from yesteryear, the oddly blood-soaked hack-n-slash Moonstone: A Hard Day's Night.

I adored this game as a kid, which since I didn't own it meant I taxed my friends's patience to the limit by constantly demanding we play it whenever I was over at their place (sometimes we seemed to be the only middle-class family in the county to lack an Amiga).  Playing it some eighteen years on, I'm amazed I ever thought it particularly difficult (there are basically nine types of opponent to face, and you just have to remember which tactic works best against each one), but it's still an awful lot of fun to carve your way through Baloks, Troggs (who look like ratmen) and Ratmen (who look like Critters).  Plus you get to slay the occasional dragon.  What's not to love?

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