Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Tale Of Cocktails #35

2 oz vodka
6 oz orange juice
Orange slice
Taste: 3
Look: 3      
Cost: 9
Prep: 8
Alcohol: 3
Overall: 4.2

Preparation: Shake ingredients with ice.  Strain and add orange slice as garnish.
General Comments: Gods, this is pointless.  A cocktail amost as unpleasant as it is unimaginative.  Plenty of people like vodka and orange, I realise, but I can't find a single redeeming feature to it.  It's just as foul as neat vodka; just a little bit more acidic.  And then you have almost a full orange to deal with afterwards, a fruit which is also horrible.

Still, at least it's cheap, but then again so is drinking kitchen cleaner, which I don't think would be any less unpleasant so long as it's lemon scented.

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