Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Tale Of Cocktails #36

Orange Blossom
2 oz gin
6 oz orange juice
Orange slice and peel
Taste: 4
Look: 4      
Cost: 8
Prep: 8
Alcohol: 3
Overall: 5.4

Preparation: Shake ingredients with ice.  Strain and add orange slice and peel as garnish.
General Comments: It's been suggested to me before that there is no vodka cocktail in existence which cannot be improved by swapping the vodka out for gin.  I'm not totally convinced of that (a gin Woo Woo for example doesn't sound like it'd work, though I'm obviously entirely willing to give it a go), but I have no trouble believing that it's true for any cocktail in which the vodka is something you're supposed to taste, rather than just lurking in the background, fucking everyone up.

So, no, this isn't a good cocktail.  At all.  I've never understood why anyone would drink gin with orange when there's perfectly good tonic water available, and making me float small sections of an eviscerated fruit in the glass isn't going to change my mind.   One to avoid, in other words.  Unless of course your only other option is a screwdriver, a drink you could stir with its namesake and still end up improving the taste.

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