Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stop And Look Back At How Far We've Come

Some lovely pictures to cheer you up (unless you're a bigot, obviously, in which case you've really come to the wrong place) on this hideous morning [1]: the first day of gay marriages in Washington State .

I can't help noting that the gentlemen on the left in the second photo looks a little like your humble blogger.  Obviously, it isn't actually me; the fact he's marrying a man is almost as big a clue as the fact he's not marrying a redhead.

(Via Balloon Juice)
[1] Actually, I'm loving it.  The heating is broken in my office, which means for the first time this year a small room containing two people and two computers isn't too hot to stand.  If only it could be demonstrated to my office-mate that you can't fix a radiator through constant bitching, life would be perfect.

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