Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Brother Goes Down

Apologies for (internet) radio silence; I was at a job interview today, so all my energy has gone into not looking like an idiot (achieved!) and acquiring money for next year (maybe not so much).  By way of apology, you can check out the latest It All Adds Up over at Geekplanet.  Don't see it as a favour to me (though if you felt like offering some appraisal by way of star count, don't feel embarrassed), think of it as a way of honouring Paul the Octopus, so cruelly taken from us.  Doubtless he's randomly assigning soccer superiority to random teams in Heaven as we speak.  My money's on the Seraphim.

1 comment:

Tomsk said...

If by honouring you mean CRUELLY DEFAMING! It's telling you wait until his death to libel him, safe in the knowledge that he can no longer sue. For shame! You're just jealous because there are no known psychic squid.

As these videos show, neither of your supposed deck-stacking explanations took place.