Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Quz 7 Redux

Answers to the October quiz are now available. Overall, team Musings managed a respectable 32 out of 40, which puts you either fifth or sixth (my memory fails me, I'm afraid). You also aced the bonus round, though so did three other teams. To have won it for real, you'd also need to answer the following question:

In what year did Heart of Darkness first see publication as a three-part serial in Blackwood Magazine?

The winning team were only two years out. Good luck!

Update: It would seem Gooder has won by default.  Which is kinda a shame, since his answer of 1900 was only a single year out (the actual answer being 1899).  Shame on the rest of you for sullying his victory!  That's like Usain Bolt trying to run 100m whilst the competition decide to lay down and sunbathe.


Gooder said...

1900ish I think

SpaceSquid said...

I shall put the answer up tomorrow morning.