Wednesday, 13 October 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Daily Mail,

First, Nick Clegg is "facing accusations of hypocrisy" in the exact same way that you are "facing accusations of being turdwelders", in that I am calling you turdwelders. You turdwelders.

Second, according to part of the stated Liberal Democrat approach these matters is to make faith schools more accessible for those of other groups. Even if Clegg's children were atheists too, getting them into a Catholic school is in line with that position. In other words, trying to make faith schools more inclusive is not the same as trying to destroy them, and is not different to asking whether they'll take on Godless heathens.

Third, whilst you can at least colour an argument over it being bad practice for a politician to take advantage of a system he claims to want to change (which isn't a totally ridiculous point, though I get antsy around the idea that you should deliberately disadvantage your kids in order to make a political point), accusing atheist Clegg of hypocrisy for choosing a Catholic school only makes any sense if you immediately assume Clegg's Catholic wife should have no say as to how her children are educated.

In other words; fuck you, Daily Mail. Man, even the Express has this figured out. That's like Satan telling you to chill out and think happy thoughts.

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