Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday 40K Blogging: Extra Devouring

It's been distinctly quiet on the painting front round here for a while now. That's partially because I've fallen behind due to the stresses of moving, but also because I haven't had much of interest to show you.

Arguably, I still don't. But I've spent the last three or four months putting together some reinforcements to my Tyranid horde, and I'm sick to death of them. I may as well get something out of them whilst I wait for C to blast them to pieces.

As always, they are purposefully "retro", which in my case is synonymous with "gaudy and poorly painted". Still, en masse I quite like them. I've put together a Broodlord (which is truly embarrassing in its simplicity, and sports authentic Patriarch colouring because I apparently still haven't realised we're out of the early '90s) and a brood of ten of the new plastic gargoyles.

Here's the plastics mixing with the older lead miniatures.

I know, I know. The 'Eavy Metal team will not be losing any sleep. And all these months of work translate into only a hundred points or so of models, if that. Still, this is all to make my horde large enough to work in concert with one of these babies, so in a few months, it should all be worth it.

(Also, I'm four models away from getting up to 1500 points with my Tau, which will be a good excuse for another army showcase, particularly since the first time I photographed my cadre, I still had no idea how to actually work the camera).

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