Sunday, 24 October 2010

Men Call Me "Warlord", And Arson Is My Domain

I realise I'm somewhat late to the party with this one, but just for the record: Citadels is a brilliant game (I didn't really notice the last time I played because the cards were in German; not ideal for a man whose entire grasp of the language comes from Charlie's War and a weird film Chemie showed me about Teutonic ninjas).  It has that wonderful quality shared by so many great games; it takes five minutes to explain, another five to grasp the basics, and perhaps all of four turns before you realise that the only way to win is to start figuring out what's going on in your opponents.  The only reason I won tonight was my choice to switch tactics at the precise moment BigHead figured he had my methods pinned down to the point that he could send an assassin to stab me to death (in his defense, his plan would probably have worked had the machinations of others not screwed him over).

It's basically the perfect balance between needing good fortune, needing a sound plan, and being able to screw with people's heads.  In other words: perfect. Plus, nice and short, too.  I've been very clear on my love and need for ridiculously convoluted games that can take most of a day to play (indeed we moved from Citadels to BSG, with only short stops at Cthulhu Munchkin and supermarket pizza in between), but it's nice to have something on hand to use as a time filler, rather than as an endurance test.

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