Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 40K: Buzz, Buzz

Looking slightly lonely out on the desert plains of SkwydRuum X, my first Vespid Stingwing is in fact deliberately alone because all wasps are total fucking bastards, and he wants nothing to do with his fellows until such time as he needs to help some vicious female from sticking her eggs into a space caterpillar.

I actually based this design on two real-world wasp species; the cockroach egg wasp:

and an unidentified species of ichneumon wasp found by a fellow Blogspotter in Oxfordshire:

(Yes, it's unusual to find me posting pictures of insects, given my crippling entomophobia, but wasps oddly don't bother me too much, at least as photos.  Ichneumons are genuinely terrifying when you meet them in real life.)

While we're on the subject of 40K miniatures, and since I made my desire for one public last week; I should note that Chuck, Edenspresence and Josh Sapiens bought me a Trygon for my birthday, which is currently in the early stages of painting.

Thanks, guys!

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