Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Tale Of Cocktails #9

2 oz vodka
2 oz Kahlua
2 oz Irish cream
1 oz milk
Whipped cream
Grated chocolate
Taste: 9           
Look: 8            
Cost: 5              
Name: 6
Prep: 5
Alcohol: 6
Overall: 7
Preparation: Pour all alcoholic beverages into a cocktail shaker with three crushed ice-cubes.  Shake and pour unstrained into a highball glass.  Add milk.  Top with cream and sprinkle on grated chocolate.

General Comments:  You can make this cocktail without the milk, but it makes the vodka a fraction too strong.  You could also change the ratio to 2:3:3, if you want.

I recommend keeping it in, though.  With the milk, this drink is gorgeous; thick and creamy, chocolaty with a hint of coffee (and the vodka very low in the mix).  It's one of those drinks that you can tell is quite strong, but have to fight the urge to not just demolish in seconds - always a good sign.

It looks lovely as well, at least before you start licking the cream off (if that's how you roll, that is). It's like some gorgeous combination of cocktail and dessert.  What's not to love?

Well, it's a bit of an effort to make, I suppose, and the name isn't much more than serviceable.  Otherwise, though, this is a clear winner, which would probably top the charts were it not for its high cost.  Indeed, some people might be surprised by the idea that I consider a £5 cocktail at 20% a.b.v. to be inferior to a £4 one at 16%.

These people, of course, have forgotten my Yorkshire blood.

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