Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Space Hulk: Better Late Than Never

Right.  It took long enough; but a mere 54 weeks after Pause, Jamie, Cocklick and Dr L found me a copy of Space Hulk for my 30th birthday, I've finally managed to paint up one of the miniatures.  Introducing: Brother Noctis.

Hopefully I'll speed up a little now that I know how I'm approaching these Terminators; otherwise we're looking at a full set at round about the time I turn 45.

Of course, that's not all I've been up to painting-wise.  Watch with baited breath as Noctis faces his greatest challenge yet - a fully functional Trygon!

Eek!  It's tough!  It's mean!  It eats Terminators for breakfast and picks the tactical dreadnought armour from its poop! How can Noctis defeat it?  Surely it is too powerful!  Its mighty jaws!  Its glistening fangs!  Diamond-hard razor sharp claws!  Oh, the humanity!  The hu-

Man!  Fuck you, comic reveal!  Fuck you!

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