Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday 40K: A Little Extra Munching

Another boost for my growing Tyranid swarm this week: a brood of three of the newer breed of Ravener.  I'm still doggedly sticking to my simplistic colour scheme of the mid '90s, but one thing that has changed is my approach to bases.  After having seen some of Edenspresence's bases, I decided it was high time to break out the sand and flock myself.  Indeed, the only reason I started painting my bases with Gobin Green was that my mother wouldn't let me keep sand in the house; an issue that became moot some thirteen years ago.

I think E's approach works really well: a Vermin Brown undercoat followed by a coating of PVA and a dip in the sand pot, before adding a few dollops more PVA and dragging the model through some loose flock.

The horde begins to grow.  I'm determined to re-do all the bases in the swarm as quickly as possible.  This might take a little time considering the swarm has over one hundred models, but the six above have been done in less than five days, so we shall see.

Having now replaced my three old-style Raveners, I think I should possibly add to this new brood to make it a bit bigger.  Then it's on to something I've had my eye on for over a year now: a Trygon.

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