Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Tale Of Cocktails #10

Tomorrow We Sail
4 3/4 oz champagne
1/2 oz port
1/2 oz dark rum
1/4 oz Triple Sec
Orange garnish
Taste: 5         
Look: 7         
Cost: 7          
Name: 3
Prep: 7
Alcohol: 4
Overall: 5.7
Preparation: Combine ingredients in a champagne glass and stir.  Add garnish and serve.

General Comments: An interesting example of how language changes over time.  Three hundred years ago, "Tomorrow we sail!" would be an awesome thing to hear, because you were either a) a pirate, or b) in the Royal Navy and about to smack around the French.  These days, however, it is impossible to imagine hearing this unless you're a guffawing in-bred simpleton hoping to squeeze his cocktail through front teeth the size of a blue whale's baleen plates. 

Back when I'd still have reason to check my biscuits for weevils, then (not that I don't, obviously; complacency is the weevil's friend), this would have been a fine name.  Nowadays, it's shit.

At least the cocktail looks good: a nice red offset by the orange slice.  The taste is less impressive, though.  The port is almost entirely lost in the mix, and the Triple Sec entirely undetectable (though dropping the orange wedge into the drink helps with that).  Mainly, it just tastes of champagne and rum, which doesn't really work, and moreover adds to the suspicion that this is a drink for jumped-up Pimms-swilling punt lovers who have convinced themselves they're buccaneers.

One suspects that with some fiddling (I'd swap the Triple Sec and rum measures for a start) this could work very well, especially if it was given a better name ("Tomorrow Sailors Can Fuck Off"?).  In it's current incarnation, however, it's a bit of a disappointment.

(Having said all that, after exhaustive trials on New Year's Eve we concluded that this cocktail is far more palatable when the measures of Triple Sec and rum are reversed.  You can also exchange the Triple Sec for orange juice, which makes the cocktail slightly sweeter as well as less alcoholic).

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