Monday, 22 June 2009

Breaking News

Ladies and gentlemen, you are now adoring fans of the entity known as... Dr SpaceSquid!

Please update your worship of me accordingly.


Senior Spielbergo said...

So you get the title before the official frocking party? Cool and of course congrats!

Pause said...

Congrats, squire. All that effort was worth it in the end, see.

rossgribbin said...

congratulations squid

SpaceSquid said...

"So you get the title before the official frocking party?"

Well, not officially, but I'm choosing to refer to myself as "Doctor Elect Squid".

jimlad said...

When do you get the prehensile metal arms installed, and where do you apply for your arachnoid do-gooding nemesis?

All good news for the Advance of the Molluscs anyway, well done!

Morose Midget said...

*bows and scrapes*
Congratulations Dr Squid sir