Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday 40K Blogging: The Great Devourer, Part 2

More pictures of the spawn of Hive Fleet Tengu.

A Third Edition Zoanthrope. This was one of the few Tyranid creatures that was unquestionably improved for Third Edition, since they started looking like lethal psychically-charged horrors, and not just a normal warrior suffering from hydrocephalus:

Some Hormagaunts, based on their original lurid colour scheme. One thing I really did like about the original paint scheme for the Tyranids was that the Hormagaunts and Genestealers were deliberately coloured differently to everything else. I assumed this was due to these two strains being unique in that they could reproduce independently. Quite why they needed enough fluorescent orange on them to go jogging on fog-covered motorways, however, remains a mystery. These are Third Edition, another example of a clear improvement over Second. In fact, aside from one or two Termagants, the Zoanthropes and Hormagaunts are the only models in the entire army that are replacements for earlier and far crappier models.

A Third Edition Lictor and Spore Mine (the latter is from Battle For Macragge). It wasn't an aesthetic choice not to use Second Edition models in this case, I just didn't get round to adding any to my army until Third Edition came out. In the end I had to panic buy the second one (along with two Raveners) to make sure the arrival of Fourth Edition didn't leave me with models that didn't match (speaking of which; what is up with Fourth Edition Raveners? Whose bright idea was it to have them hide guns in their chests? We didn't make those infuriating WYSIWYG rules up, GW).

My Gargoyles and Raveners.

A Second Edition Biovore. Just... no. This is the one model in the army that I still intend to replace at some point. It's just a crappy miniature. In the meantime, I really should repaint his head. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time (probably that it looked a bit like a skull so it should be Skull White), but I was clearly tripping on Dandelion & Burdock.

This concludes our tour of Hive Fleet Tengu. Next time round, I shall present a slightly less embarrassing army, begun at the turn of the Millennium, and utilising the rather less lurid colour of Dark Angels Green.

I won't be around this weekend, due to advanced-level drinking in Sheffield, but I'm sure I'll find some things to post-date and phone in. See you on Monday.

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