Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's Like A Dream

Thanks to Jamie I have learned that Fantasy Flight are indeed producing an expansion to the BSG board game. Interestingly, the expansion covers both the arrival of the Pegasus and the colonisation of New Caprica. Since these additions will now cover everything BSG ever actually did well, I can't help wondering where they plan to go next.


jamie said...

It just sounds... so... awesome!

I'm thinking that you're right, there's little elsewhere to go that lends itself well to the format; maybe they'll stop there, or it's possible that they'll release smaller expansions of new characters, cards etc in the manner of Arkham; or, most probably they'll create a lame-ass 'Final Five' expansion or something similar.

I'm gagging to know who the new characters are going to be, apart from Cavil, obviously (and how that Cylon Leader is going to work is a fascinating question). My money is on: Admiral Cain, Gaeta, Sam Anders, Dualla, Tory Foster, and then maybe another Cylon Leader, probably either Three or Six (we can always pray for Racetrack, but I somehow doubt it's gonna happen...)

SpaceSquid said...

I figured lame-ass F5, too.

I think Racetrack should be one of the crisis cards. Failure means you're not allowed to fantasise about her for the rest of the game.

jamie said...

How about a 'Racetrack plays strip triad' crisis card, whereby if the crisis is failed (presumably because she goes all the way), all male characters have to miss their next go due to time spent gawking.