Thursday, 18 June 2009

In Fairness, It's Also Gonna Be 3-D

I have a disturbing and embarrassing secret to confess to. Of my own volition, I went to see the remake of Friday The 13th. It should go entirely without saying that it was bullshit on toast. If the toast was made of shit, that is. And the bullshit came from a Nazi bull.

Inevitably, then, a sequel is in the works. But not just any sequel, my friends, a sequel set somewhere that's really fucking cold.

Now, this may seem like a strange call to some of you. After all, those of us who are true horror film aficionados (or who simply pay attention) will already know that Jason has already been into motherfucking space. Watching him hiding behind a snowman is unlikely to impress anyone.

So what is the hidden agenda behind forcing a dozen teenagers to don three layers of clothing (which surely must interfere with the regular tit explosions the slasher genre is "famous" for) and head off to be slaughtered in the snow? There can be only one answer. The Friday The 13th series is now to be used to debunk global warming!

Think about it! Every time it snows on a conference on climate change Sean Hannity's tiny dead eyes light up like two flies on fire. An entire blockbuster film dedicated to snow will inevitably lead to the cinema-going public (almost all of whom, remember, are twats) over-estimating the amount of snow left in the world. Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity to suggest that, even if GW is happening, then there's an upside. Sure, lakes are drying, fish are dying, people on the coast are going to drown, but if you stay in the snow then Jason will fuck you up.

And this is only the beginning. The second remake sequel (Christ, that's a phrase that makes me nauseous) could be about Jason slashing the Hell out of a town that's given up its guns. In the next one, he could spend his time murdering anyone who managed to squeeze a gay marriage in in California, during the brief period between the authorities being douches and the majority of the entire state being unfeeling fuckers of the worst kind (even the Nazi bull has the excuse that it's ultimately just a dumb animal). By the fourth film, Jason could team up with Muslim sleeper terrorists and President Obama and try to slash out a new caliphate in Orange County.

Or maybe I'm wrong; maybe after snow it'll be sleet with brief hail showers. Hardly anyone uses hail in movies anymore. Consider the potential, and consider further that it is untapped.

h/t to MGK, which I mention mainly because the relevant link came halfway through a rant on remakes and sequels which is bound to increase Big G's blood pressure.


Gooder said...

Well that guy kinda hobbles himself when he tries to claim The Fast And The Furious is a remake. Ok there may be a film with the same name from the 50's but nothing else is even remotely connected.

Paul Haggis' Crash isn't remake of 'Crash' just becuase it's got the same name.

I note he also throws in 'daptations to have a go at, which is kind of stretching the ponit. Adaptations of various books and things has been filmmaking staple since day one. No adaptation no Godfather is but one example.

So I feel no blood pressure rising, because at least on this topic this guys seems to be, well, an idiot.

SpaceSquid said...

I'm not sure not realising the two TFatF films aren't related is particularly idiotic. Certainly the mistake makes no difference to his overall argument, FaF is still a sequel.

Moreover, you can't deflect criticism of overuse of adaptation by pointing out adaptations have been around forever, any more than you could argue fears over swine flu becoming a pandemic are pointless because people have been catching flu for centuries.

None of which is to say I necessarily agree with MGK's actual argument(though I'm sifting through some data to get a better idea of the statistics).