Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sixty Second Film Corner: Revenge Of The Fallen

Once again, Michael Bay has remembered that if a film is lumbered with a sufficiently ludicrous plot, it is critical to blend comedy into the action, to prevent the whole thing collapsing into po-faced idiocy.

Regretfully, he has failed to remember that there is a difference between blending ingredients in a mixing bowl and then cooking them (thus producing a delicious cake), and blending ingredients in a toilet bowl, and then shitting all over them (thus producing some kind of stratified shit cocktail). To call Revenge of the Fallen "a mess" is akin to calling Richard Littlejohn "not entirely intellectually rigorous". Granted, it's not a mess without fun or merit, but it's still a mess.

I am also disgusted that Sideswipe was silver. Almost everyone's fucking silver in these films. You couldn't have shelled out for some red paint?

(Update: for a more thorough deconstruction of the massive problems this film demonstrates, try this piece, which nails many of my thoughts on the matter, particularly with reference to Skids and Mudflap, therein described as "sambots".)




Gooder said...

Well, I liked it!

But then I still like Transformers : The Movie !

BigHead said...

Transformers: The Movie is awesome.

I can't tell which side is which when the robots are fighting in these recent ones. Camp colour schemes plz.