Thursday, 12 November 2009


I've developed an itch to fiddle around with the design of the blog. How much I'll change and now much effort I'll put in I'm not yet sure, but as an opening gambit I've separated the blogs I read by people I've never met from those put together by my friends. Thus the blogs that are either partially or entirely about American politics are in one place, and those on an already impressive array of subjects (films, film-making, cooking, literature, American football) and which share a link only in that all of those involved met at University are somewhere else.

To that latter group I've added Tomsk's (still the only person on this Earth to have produced an entire post for me, though applications are always welcome) blog, Accused Of Literature, which has now officially (i.e. according to my usual vague and subjective criteria) existed for long enough to have moved out of the "liable to be suddenly abandoned" zone. He doesn't post very often, but that's the price one pays for writing about the books one reads, instead of just slapping up any old tat whenever the whim takes you.

I've also added Our Front Room, which has been around for ages, but which I felt odd about adding whilst I was heavily involved in writing it. Now that it has been single-handedly rebuilt from the rubble by Gooder, though, there's no reason not to stick it up alongside Tomsk, Spielbergo, and Chemie.


Tomsk said...

Yay! I've joined the big boys' league!

I'm not sure it was such a good idea to start a themed blog. The book reviews are already morphing into 'thoughts tangentially inspired by what I'm reading'. But maybe that's more interesting anyway.

SpaceSquid said...

I noticed the tangents in your Card review. I'm not sure I'd say more interesting (by which I mean your reviews are already perfectly interesting, rather than that your diversions are poor) but certainly it might make for more diversity.

To be honest, I was impressed with your choice. I spent a few weeks before I started the Musings thinking about whether there was any one theme that I could stick to, but I quickly realised that such specifity really wasn't for me.