Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Shake #28

Today's shake: Snowball

Taste: 8
Texture: 4
Synergy: 6
Scorn: 4
Total Score: 6

General Comments: As snacks, snowballs are up there with the best of them. Anything that allows me to crack open the shell and feast on the goo inside is liable to score highly with me (see Egg, Cadbury's Cream), and even the presence of coconut - not normally one of my personal favourites - is no hindrance, since it comes combined with chocolate, a combination that works much better than the human mind would consider possible (all credit to Professor Bounty's first experiments into this phenomenon back in the '50s).

Bitter experience has taught me though that a pleasing snack does not necessarily make for a pleasing beverage. This time it all just about works out. The chocolate is barely noticeable, but that doesn't really matter since it's only the precious, precious goo that really matters; the true connoisseur of snowballs knows that the chocolate is nothing more than a delivery system for the true snack (snowballs will be another food to feature when I finally get around to hosting the OCD Eating Method Olympics). In this sense, the shake is a triumph; the vanilla combines perfectly with the marshmallow, giving the impression that one has simply pierced a snowball with a straw and gone nuts.

Tragically, this beautiful illusion is constantly spoiled by the accumulation of coconut shards at the back of the throat. Without the chocolate to make them palatable, this assault is difficult to ignore. I recommend those considering trying this shake to bring some kind of sieve, tea-strainer or mosquito net with them, so as to maximise the pure, unsullied experience of the almighty goo.

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