Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Shake Experiment: Here Are The Facts Part IV

Welcome to the latest in our series of pointless and surprisingly basic graph-based analyses of dairy-based drinks. Despite my accidental exposure to its indescribable horrors (described here), the marmite shake is not included in this analysis, being considered instead the first shake in the fifth and potentially final round of the experiment (options for a replacement article are currently being considered, suggestions welcome).

The latest pie chart reveals, as always, the clear superiority of chocolate. More surprising is that cakes come in 2nd, the appalling blackjack shake still proving difficult for the sweet category to recover from. Otherwise, it's business as usual, and yet another demonstration that attempting to flavour milkshakes with biscuits goes against God's plan for mankind.

Moving onto the bar chart of shake quality deviation, we see little has changed since last time. Cake remains both highly rated and dependable, sweets remain strong but with a real risk factor. Chocolate, as always, proves a heavy hitter, and the breakfast cereal category is now even more mired in mediocrity than before.

Lastly, the satisfaction over time graph continues it's (admittedly slight) downward trend, which should help explain why I'm considering terminating the experiment at the end of this next cycle.

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