Friday, 1 May 2009

Friday 40K Blogging: Chaos In Space

This Friday we take a look at my Chaos fleet. I painted it in these colours because I had a vague notion at the time of starting a Thousand Sons army; since then my obsession with the Red Corsairs and the new and distinctly unimproved rules for Chaos Daemons in the CSM Codex has temporarily nixed that plan.

Still, as a fleet I think they work quite well. The formation consists of a Desolator class battleship (the End Of Days), a Styx class heavy cruiser (the Filth-Hive), two Murder class cruisers (from right to left, the Shaitan and the Shark's Tooth, which has the highest kill tally of any ship I own, mainly because C keeps using it against me), and a Slaughter class cruiser, the Dagger of Magnus, escorted by the Headhunters squadron.

A close up of the Headhunters (an Idolator class raider and four Iconoclast class destroyers).

The assembled Chaos fleet attacks an Imperial outpost orbiting a gas giant. Looks like it's a bad day to be stationed in the Carpet Nebula...

I can't guarantee any updates over the weekend, since I won't be in the office (finished my thesis yesterday, go me!) and I'm still sans internet in the flat. I'm also on a course from Tuesday to Thursday, so it may be a light week over here.

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