Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Geek Phraseology

In the last four days great advances have been made in geek-speak (or at least our chapter's version of same). We can now reveal the results of our back-breaking labour

Prevenge: to take revenge before your enemy has time to wrong you in the first place. Once could consider this a pre-emptive strike, but the latter usually requires a degree of proof of intent that this new phrase does away with entirely.
Lancashire Tapas: Regional cooking form comprising in the main of a variety of pork and potato products, introduced to differing degrees of boiling fat.
Miscuit: a new form of snack food, comprising of cookies studded with lumps of salted beef or ham.
Mills & Bourne: A new genre of literature in which lethal female assassins fall in love with distant men and spend all their time wondering why they never call, or sometimes shooting people.
Small Hairy Smelly Cave: Antiquated term for Special Drawer.

Please update your phrase books accordingly.

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