Friday, 22 May 2009

Shake #7: Shakes And Pies

Didn't have time to get this latest shake for myself, so Ibb was tasked with fetching something from the "cereal" bracket.

I was somewhat concerned that she would consider this an opportunity for mischief, but in fact her choice was comparatively sane.

Today's shake: Chocolate Pop-Tart

Taste: 5
Texture: 5
Scorn: 6
Synergy: 5
Total Score: 4.75

General Comments. The slight aftertaste of pop-tart is not exactly unpleasant, but it's the only thing that separates this shake from a simple Nesquik shake, which makes paying £2.60 for it somewhat unreasonable.

Now that I've tried one shake from each section on the menu, we can start the totally unnecessary and methodologically questionable statistical analysis. We begin with two pie charts (which are of course totally unsuitable, but visually pleasing), one which measures my lack of scorn by category, and one which measures the overall quality of the shake.

As can be clearly seen, my scorn powers are not yet in tune with reality, and I am more likely to apply too little scorn than too much. Clearly, more scorn is required. Rest assured, I will not make this mistake again.

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