Monday, 4 May 2009

Shake #3

Today's shake: Jaffa Cakes

Taste: 5
Texture: 3
Synergy: 5
Scorn: 3
Overall: 5

General comments: I gave this one a low scorn rating because it occurred to me that chocolate ice cream with a hint of orange would work very well. In the end, though, the chocolate is difficult to taste, and the orange impossible, save for the occasions when a tiny globule of the jelly they fill the biscuits with plops into your mouth like a citrus-tinged parasitic worm. This unsettling experience also means a low texture score. The shake gets away with a midrange taste score because I suspect that tasting mainly of vanilla is far from the worst case scenario. A similar logic is applied to synergy; vanilla with a chocolate twist isn't a bad idea.

All told, though, it's a shame: this shake could have been so much more...

Hope everyone's having a good Bank Holiday, and is enjoying the snooker. My original prediction for the final score was 18-14 to Higgins, but at this rate it may not be that close.

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