Sunday, 17 May 2009

Shake #6

Today's shake: Marshmallow

Taste: 8
Texture: 2
Synergy: 7
Scorn: 3
Total Score: 6

General Comments: A delicious treat of awesome flavour, and of great synergy, being essentially vanilla-flavoured, Phish Food ice cream, the only downside to this wonderful shake is that it's all but impossible to actually suck the damn thing through a straw. So great was the effort necessary to force its vicious nature through a narrow plastic tube, I considered throwing the implement away entirely and simply quaffing from the cardboard cup. This plan was swiftly nixed, however, when the liquid within proved far too reminiscent of the time Maoist Rob threw up an entire tub of strawberry ice-cream on my drive-way [1]. A straw of larger gauge, or a more efficient blender (in fairness, the one used in the shop had just carved its way through a Fruit Salad bar, and was thus probably on its last legs), could have made all the difference.

[1] Want an awkward New Year's Eve? Try attempting to discern whether your friend's strawberry-flavoured vomit contains traces of blood or not.

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