Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Also, Let's Invade Narnia

I haven't said a great deal on the US political situation for a little while.  Nor will I today.  I did though want to point you towards the ever-readable John Seavey's post on the current situation, because while it's familiar territory, it's still an excellent primer.  If you don't have time for the whole post, Seavey pretty much nails the current problem in two lines:
If I say that we need to rebuild our nation’s highway system, and you say that we need to tax the Tooth Fairy to do that because the bitch is obviously loaded if she can afford to give away all those quarters, we’re clearly not going to get anywhere. Bipartisan compromise is impossible, because it’s not like we can agree to only get half our funding from the Tooth Fairy’s stash.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously the Narnians needs to be liberated from the evil tyrant "Hussein" Aslan who overthrew the benevolent (and US-backed) leader Jadis.