Friday, 31 December 2010

Our Time Is At An End

Hell of a year.  On the personal scale, 2010 has seen me become a doctor, work on three separate projects, lose two family members and gain a new job in a new university.  On a larger canvas, we have a new government and a new Prime Minister, and a new international treaty regarding nuclear arms reduction.  Mixed blessings in other words.

I've also drunk an awful lot of cocktails.

What will next year hold?  Moving house, certainly.  New responsibilities and trials and opportunities, no doubt.  More cocktails are also inevitable.  I'm also working on a new project for this here blog (though it might eventually get its own site) that I'm very excited about, mainly because it's in collaboration with someone who gratifyingly unable to understand he's approximately seven times too talented to have to deal with me.

I hope everyone is able to look back on 2010 with fondness, but is looking forward to the New Year, too.  Everyone have fun tonight.

See you in January.

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