Monday, 20 December 2010

A Tale Of Cocktails #3

2 1/2 oz champagne
2 1/2 oz orange juice
Orange garnish
Taste: 7          
Look: 6          
Cost: 8          
Name: 7
Prep: 9
Alcohol: 2
Overall: 6.7
Preparation: Pour in ingredients and mix. Add garnish.
Preparation: Pour in ingredients and mix. Add garnish.

General Comments: There's something lyrical about the name "Mimosa".  Of course, in this case the lyrics in question were penned by the Fun Lovin' Criminals, but I suppose we can't blame the cocktail for that.

What we can blame it for is its thoroughly unacceptable dearth of alcohol.  I'm not even sure this should count as a cocktail, frankly, but the International Bartenders Association disagrees, and they scare me.  Basically, this is a Bucks Fizz with more oomph, which is a lot like gluing a snail to a toy car.  Sure, the snail is faster - at least downhill - but does that necessarily mean anyone is going to find it preferable to a Ferrari?

Still, it's cheap, it's easy to make, the orange slice garnish is a bit of fun (and an important source of vitamin C), and every sip reminds me of weddings.  That's enough for the drink to trouble the upper reaches of the sixes, I think.


Chemie said...

I'm confused. In what way isn't it Bucks Fizz?

SpaceSquid said...

A mimosa is a fifty-fifty mix, rather than two parts orange juice to one part champagne, which is the ratio for Bucks Fizz.