Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Tale Of Cocktails

It's been a long while since we came to the end of the Shake Experiment, so it's high time we ran through another set of drinks in a freakishly anal manner.

And, as you can probably tell from this post's title (Chuck wanted me to go with "A Tale of Cocks", but then she's young, and so terribly innocent).  I shall post the first result tomorrow, but let's set up the ground rules first.  Each drink will be rated in six categories: taste, appearance, cost (calculated as 10 - cost per glass), difficulty in preparation and alcoholic content (where 0 is alcohol free, 10 is over 40%), and the degree to which their name amuses or disgusts me. 

They'll also get an overall score, but at the urging of SpaceSquid Senior, I'll be using a weighted average; taste getting three votes and appearance and cost two each.

Let the quest to find a superior alternative to Woo Woo commence!

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