Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Offences Against Nature

How can marmite chocolate possibly exist in the world? With celery as a principal ingredient?  It literally tastes like normal chocolate dipped in marmite, which means it's about the best way to experience marmite possible but a total waste of perfectly serviceable chocolate.

If even that wasn't bad enough, though, the marmite after-taste outlives the chocolate for some five minutes.  If the chocolate is a welcome house guest, polite enough to leave early, then the marmite is a vicious scabies-ridden squatter, squeezing out black formless babies ten a time whilst they wait for a council flat to use as a spawning pool.

It's not good, is my point.

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BigHead said...

I feel a more balanced review is necessary.

Initially, the chocolate tastes like chocolate mixed with beef stock. This is surprisingly awesome. Then you are left just tasting marmite. This is less pleasant. The initial taste is too brief to make it worthwhile. It may be possible to constantly eat this chocolate, and have a constant stream of awesome. Alternatively, this strategy may cause fatal marmite overload. Do not try this at home.