Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Turd For The Ages

On Sunday I called John McCain a homophobe and a liar.  I feel bad about that.  Not because it's inaccurate, obviously.  But because I neglected to add vindictive prick.
Woods said "it hurts" McCain to vote against legislation like the Dream Act after years of working on reform but said the senator felt betrayed when Latinos overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008. "When you carry that fight at great sacrifice year after year and then you are abandoned during the biggest fight of your life, it has to have some sort of effect on you," he said.
Man, poor old John McCain.  It must be so hard when it hurts him voting down legislation he previously worked on purely because the people it would benefit voted for someone else.

This of course makes him a vindictive racist prick, as well.  If your worldview is such that you blame all Hispanics for their general voting record - overwhelming or not - then that's all you are.

What's remarkable about this is that it's an article filled with people who are trying to defend  McCain, and they're still saying the man will vote agsainst something he believes to be right and he has put a significant amount of work into because he cannot bring himself to help people he's decided don't like him.

The man 45.7% of Americans wanted to be President, ladies and gentlemen. At least he likes sharks, I guess.

h/t to Balloon Juice.

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