Monday, 27 December 2010

Xmas Quz

Tis the season, my friends!  As a slightly tardy Christmas present to you, I offer you a quasi-festive quiz.  None of which, I hasten to add, I actually bothered to write.  Big props to Mickey E and J for all the work that went into this.

Round 1: Words

The following are all anagrams of Christmas-related items, unscramble the anagram and give me the item.

1. Scratches Arm Rick. Christmas cracker

2. A Shifty Girl. Fairy lights

3. Quenches Pees. Queen's Speech

4. Let Sin. Tinsel

5. Drunker yet in. Turkey dinner

Round 2: Baking

1. What component of bread dough makes it elastic, and is developed by kneading? Gluten

2. What type of chemical reaction is worked on the sugars in dough by the action of yeast? Fermentation

3. What gas is produced by this reaction, causing doughs to rise? CO2

4. Which type of dough uses a culture of lactobacillus to create lactic acid to assist leavening? Sourdough

5. Which German Christmas biscuits traditionally include carbonate of potassium or ammonium as a raising agent? Lebkuchen

Round 3: Sacred Christmas Music

1. Which hymn always begins the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at King's College, Cambridge? "Once In Royal David's City"

2. The Austrian carol "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" is better known by what English title? "Silent Night"

3. The carol with the first line "Lully lullay, thou little tiny child" comes from the medieval mystery plays of which Midlands city? Coventry

4. Which oratorio by Handel is usually performed during advent, and is famous for its "Hallelujah!" chorus? "Messiah"

5. Which English poetess wrote the lyrics to "In the bleak midwinter"? Christina Rossetti

Round 4: Tea

1. Who wrote, in 1662, "And afterwards I did send for a Cupp of Tee (a China drink) of which I never drank before"? Samuel Pepys

2. What flavouring is added to black tea to make Earl Grey tea? Bergamot

3. Taiwanese Pearl Tea contains pearl-like globules made of which starch? Tapioca

4. Which country is the largest producer of tea in the world? India

5. Lapsang Souchong is a black tea with which distinctive (and very strong) flavour? Smokey

Round 5: Christmas Films

1. The first two films in which franchise starring Bruce Willis involve different buildings being seized by terrorists on Christmas Eve? Die Hard

2. Which film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan involves the son of a widowed father calling a radio chat show on Christmas Eve to seek a new partner for his father? Sleepless In Seattle

3. In which rom-com does the title character meet Mark Darcy at a Christmas party hosted by her parents? Bridget Jones' Diary

4. Which oft-repeated 1984 horror comedy begins when a Christmas gift of a Mogwai gets wet? Gremlins

5. Which film (and stage show) involving drugs, AIDS, death and general misery in the East Village in New York City starts one Christmas Eve and ends the next one? Rent

Round 6: Classic Pub Quiz Questions

1. Who owns the territory of Rapa Nui? Chile

2. Which jazz singer was nicknamed Lady Day? Billie Holliday

3. Operation Just Cause was part of the conflict to remove General Noriega from which country? Panama

4. Coulrophobia is the fear of what? Clowns

5. Which seabird has the Latin name Puffinus puffinus? Manx Shearwater

General Knowledge

1. (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) Name any one of the five things Harry gets from the Wizard Christmas Crackers? White mice, a wizard chess set, a Rear-Admiral hat, a set of non-explodable luminous balloons, a grow-your-own-warts kit.

2. Isopachytes are lines of equal what? Thickness

3. What is the name of the business run by Mrs Precious Ramotswe? The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

4. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys wrote a soundtrack to which classic Russian film, which was performed live at Swan Hunter shipyard in 2006? Battleship Potemkin

5. The reindeer Donner and Blitzen take their names from the German words for what? Thunder and lightning

6. What is the collective noun for rhinos? A crash

7. What was the name of the noted BBC correspondent who died this week, and who was famed for his reporting of the Falklands conflict? Brian Hanrahan

8. Which nut, (although it's not technically a nut), forms the basis of frangipane? Almond

9. Who was the first director of the FBI? J. Edgar Hoover

10. In radio technology, what does the acronym DAB stand for? Digital Audio Broadcast


Anonymous said...

4. Tinsel

1. Gluten
2. Fermentation
3. Carbon dioxide
4. Sourdough?
5. Lebkuchen?

1. Once in Royal David's City?
2. Silent Night
3. Coventry Carol
4. The Messiah?
5. Christina Rosetti

1. Marco Polo?
2. Bergamot
4. India?
5. smokey

1. Die Hard
2. Sleepless in Seattle
3. Bridget Jones' Diary
4. Gremlins

1. GB?
5. Um puffins?

2. width?
3. The number 1 Ladies detective agency in Botswana
5. Thunder an dlightening
6. herd?
7. Brian Buchanen
8. almonds?
9. Hoover?
10. Digitial audio broadcast?

SpaceSquid said...

That's 24 for Lynda. Anyone else want to help her out?

Tomsk said...

From Chemie, Tomsk & Moddey_Dhoo

Round 1.
1. Christmas cracker
3. Queen's speech
4. Tinsel
5. Turkey dinner
Round 2.
1. Gluten
2. Alcohol fermentation
3. CO2
4. Sourdough
5. Spekulatius
Round 3:
1. Once in Royal Davids City
2. Silent night
4. Messiah
Round 4:
1. Samuel Pepys
2. Bergamot oil
3. Rice
4. India
5. Smokey
Round 5:
1. Die Hard
2. Sleepless in Seatle
3. Bridget Jone's Diary
4. Gremlins
5. Rent
Round 6
1. USA
2. Billie Holiday
3. Nicuaguara
5. Not a puffin
Round 7
1. White mice, Chess set
2. Inclination
3. No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
4. Battleship Potemkin
5. Thunder and lightening
6. Crash
7. Brian Hanrahan
8. Almond
9. J Edgar Hoover
10. Digital Audio Broadcast

SpaceSquid said...

That's 30 for the three of you, and combined with Lynda's effort, gets you to 34, and first prize. Congratulations!

Chemie said...

You just knew I was going to dispute the answer regarding German biscuits. I know my German biscuits. I have the belly to prove it.

Lebkuchen do traditionally use bakers ammonia, but then so do Spekulatius and Springerle. Both of which like Nurnberger Lebkuchen are now Christmas biscuits. Lebkuchen can also be called Gingerbread in English or Hoenigkuchen, Pfefferkuchen or Wuerzekuchen in German.

Gingerbread houses and many Christmas Plaetzchen were or can still be made with ammonium. Therefore our answer should be accepted ( and any item I listed above). I know my kuchen! And for that matter Tomsk is a Lebkuchen expert (seriously he knows even more about the required nut contents than I do)