Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Tale Of Cocktails #4 (Xmas Special)

2 oz Advocaat
6 oz lemonade
1/4 oz lime cordial
Taste: 8  
Look: 2         
Cost: 9  
Name: 7
Prep: 8
Alcohol: 2
Overall: 6.3
Preparation: Since this is the first cocktail I've made that isn't just stirred (well, the champagne cocktail requires you start with the ice-cube and the bitters, but close enough), I should probably explain how to make it.  Besides, I got to use my brand new cocktail shaker given to me by The Other Half, and that's clearly worthy of celebration.

It's not too complicated. Just add the dash of lime cordial to the Advocaat and shake the shit out of it.  Pour into an ice-filled high-ball glass and top up with lemonade.

General Comments:  God, this doesn't look too good.  Between the yellow colour and the foam on top, it looks more like a diseased urine sample than a proper drink.

Once you get past that, it actually tastes really good.  It's somewhat on the thick side, which I'm not massively keen on, but otherwise it's genuinely tasty, albeit very difficult to describe (just as Advocaat itself is).  Of course, I'm somewhat biased.  My mother has been drinking snowballs over Christmas ever since I can remember.  I'm not so much mixing a drink as submitting to genetic programming here (it's also her fault I crave aniseed balls whenever I'm working).  Even my love of the name might have less to do with it being evocative of Christmas and more to do with some subconscious link between the word and comparative family harmony.

Yeah yeah, I know.  You come for cocktails, you get slightly disturbing family revelations.  At least we've steered clear of my father's crippling addiction to ocelots.

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