Wednesday, 15 December 2010


No posting today; I have celebrating to do!  Assuming things don't go tits up during the final stages (i.e. wrangling over the exact amount of time it will take me to get my arse down to the West Midlands), it would appear that a further three years of lovely, lovely money will soon be mine to enjoy!

For some reason this song seems appropriate, thought I'd hope any contributions I make to medical research are somewhat more constructive than getting drunk on water towers.  Not that that wouldn't be awesome.  (Also, it's that mad Doctor Who guy again: bonus).


Tomsk said...

Many congratulations!

Is there a specific project you'll be working on?

James said...

Hi Ric,

That is fantastic news!

SpaceSquid said...

Thanks, James. Hopefully nothing will fall apart between the informal and formal offer stages.

Tomsk, the job is split in some ratio between offering consultations on research methodology and research into medical statistics. As far as I know, there's no specific remit for the latter half, and at interview the panel seemed keen to let me go with my current research plan, which essentially involves taking four years' worth of theoretical research and actually applying it to something.

Midget_Yoda said...

Congratulation Squiddy!

Welcome to the shiny world of medical research.