Monday, 2 March 2009

The Evolution Of The Pisshead Punk

Another episode of "You would have heard of this musician if you were as plugged in as me". This time round: the many faces of Frank Turner.

I first heard Frank Turner whilst he was still with his punk outfit Million Dead.

All I can remember thinking at the time was that Million Dead = (Hundred Reasons x 10 000) - Bitching Guitar Players + Attractive Bassist. This was judged surplus to requirements, so they were left unexplored.

Then, for a Christmas present, Vomiting Mike gave me a copy of Turner's first full solo album. Turns out, dude's gone folk-rock.

Which, y'know, is cool. Course, he's now got another album out, and from this one sample it seems that he's got a bit poppier.

Maybe that means he's "sold out" (I was never particularly clear on what the exact definition was), but at the very least it means you've got, like, three completely different variants to check out, which isn't bad off of four studio albums. And that's without hearing anything off of Harmony No Harmony, which for all I know is Bengali music played through a kazoo.

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