Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Wider Web

I don't want to witter on too much today, since I'm busy trying to pretend that 57 years old is in any way impressive, so I figured I'd just list a few links for interesting reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

MGK explains why conservatives would much rather a carbon tax than cap and trade (hint: it will shaft the poor).

Kevin Drum reminds us that no matter how powerful a man becomes, he still might be dumb enough to send around racist e-mails to his mates, and then claim ignorance.

Two links to Dan Larison, since he is awesome, even if his core beliefs are the exact opposite of mine. Over the last week he slapped around Rush Limbaugh (for his latest round of belligerent hypocrisy) and John Bolton (for once again arguing the best way to stop a country antagonising you is to antagonise them), both of whom are arrogant, unthinking dicks of an almost unbelievable magnitude, and he did it with far more intellectual rigour and consideration than I would have been able to muster.

Finally, just because it made me laugh, the Daily Mail warns us that paedophiles are now radioactive. [1]

Isn't a radioactive paedo better than the regular kind? Just, y'know, from a tracking perspective?

[1] The gentleman in question has yet to be convicted of any crime. Innocent until proven guilty. "One suspected paedophile may be radioactive" just isn't as much fun to write, though.


Gooder said...

[1.1] Um, the headline on the Daily Mail report does actually say 'suspect' you know.

SpaceSquid said...

Yes, I know. I was referring to the link I wrote, not what the Mail had put down.

I considered making that clearer at the time, actually, but ultimately decided that since the Mail had made the distinction and I hadn't, my qualifier would be enough on its own. Live and learn.