Thursday, 26 March 2009


I think I've mentioned Squid's First Law before, which states the universe will not only fail to deliver on anything you ever want, but it will make it look like you are going to get it until the last possible moment, because reality is a cock.

Speaking of looking like you'll get what you want, I was really happy that the Vermont state legislature was going to comfortably pass legislation to protect same-sex marriage rights. We were due a victory after the Proposition 8 cluster-fuck.

Speaking of cocks, though, Governor Douglas is going to veto the bill, even though he knows there's a super-majority in favour, meaning said veto will be overridden.

I'll put aside the obvious fact that I'm very much in favour of gay marriage, and I've yet to come across any argument against it that wasn't heartless at best, and far more often vicious and cruel and flat-out evil. I'm also aware that vetoing a bill that you know will pass anyway isn't necessarily a ridiculous idea. Sometimes a symbolic gesture is worthwhile.

Of course, such a gesture costs is cost time, which means it costs taxpayers' money, and stops the legislature from considering other issues while they vote to override the veto.
So Douglas must be making a case as to why he's wasting the legislative branch's time, right? The urgency of our state's economic and budgetary challenges demands the full focus of every member and every committee of this Legislature.
In other words, Douglas has decided that the Vermont government should only focus on the economy, and nothing else. Should anyone try to introduce any other topic, he will deal with this flagrant waste of time by flagrantly wasting time.

Governor Douglas: a dick on three different levels. Refusing to accept any definition of important but your own, objecting to time-wasting by wasting time, and, of course, deliberately disenfranchising people in your own state and not even explaining that it's because your a flaming homophobe who just can't deal with the ickiness that results.

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