Thursday, 12 March 2009

Warning: Your Priest Could Be Teh Gay!

I'm not putting this under the "Big Bloke With Beard" label, because the people it criticises are clearly operating from a position of outrageous hypocrisy in order to protect an institution, and the fact that said institution is the Catholic Church isn't really the point. This isn't about religion, it's about people with a great deal of power trying harder to keep that power than properly apply it to help the people they're supposed to.

Obsidian Wings linked to this the other day as part of a larger post on Catholic priorities for excommunication (which is worth reading) following recent events in Brazil, which is how I got hold of it. I know it's seven years old, but it still makes for an interesting (and rather depressing) analysis of how hypocritical and wilfully illogical the Catholic hierarchy (and many other hierarchies, in fairness) are prepared to become in order to find a quick fix (blaming gays) to a monstrous and serious problem (child abuse by priests).

Really, read the whole thing.

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