Sunday, 22 March 2009

Obvious Solutions

I'm actually enjoying Lost more of late. Having spent three seasons (correctly) complaining the writers were deliberately dragging their feet (I wonder how well the series will stand up to repeat viewings now that the agonising crawl to each cliffhanger isn't going to be relevant anymore), and another complaining that it's a dumb idea to telegraph the end of a season if all you're going to do is spend a dozen episodes gradually slithering toward it, it's nice to finally feel like the pacing is going well.

Can I make one humble suggestion, though. If you have two women both in love with the same two men, and those men are both simultaneously in love with both women, either flip a coin, or have a four-way. The reason people talk about "love triangles" is someone will get left out. Speaking as a man who is just as single today as he was when he started this blog, it's difficult to care about a situation in which someone has is worried he might not get the gorgeous brunette and have to settle for the tremendously attractive blond instead. It's the same reason I can't stand to watch rich people complain that the credit crunch means that they might have to choose between a new castle and their seventh yacht.

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